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Connecticut Durable Power of Attorney

Connecticut durable power of attorney laws are found in Connecticut Annotated Statutes, Title 45a (Durable Power of Attorney).  According to Connecticut laws, a durable power of attorney is a type of power of attorney that will not be revoked due to a principal’s subsequent disability or incompetence.  A power of attorney is considered durable when it is indicated in writing that it will not be revoked on a subsequent incompetence or disability of the principal.  In the event of principal’s incapacity, the durable power of attorney gets revoked if a court appoints a conservator for the principal and his/her property.  Then the agent in the power of attorney will be accountable to the conservator than to the principal.

All powers of attorney including durable power of attorney should be recorded along with the real property deed; otherwise the power of attorney should have been recorded in the town where the property is situated.

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