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Puerto Rico Durable Power of Attorney

A durable power of attorney is a written instrument under which an individual appoints another person as attorney in fact or agent.  By executing the durable power of attorney, the principal authorizes the agent to engage in certain specified business or financial transactions on behalf of the principal with third parties.  Durable power of attorney is a contract which creates an agency–principal relationship.

Under the laws of Puerto Rico, principal may at will revoke power of attorney and compel agent to return instrument.  Deaths of the principal, withdrawal of agent, expiration of power of attorney, appointment of new agent are the reasons for termination of durable power of attorney under Puerto Rico laws.  Absence of principal for seven years is yet another reason for termination.

The Director of Protocols Inspection of Puerto Rico shall keep a book known as the Register of Powers of Attorney. Power of attorney that is not recorded shall be effective only between principal and attorney in fact.  Such power of attorney cannot be used to the prejudice of third parties.

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