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Indiana Power of Attorney for Childcare Law

Power of Attorney and Health Care – General – Indiana

A parent or a guardian (other than a temporary guardian) of an incapacitated person or minor may delegate, through a power of attorney, for any period during which the care and custody of the protected person is entrusted to an institution furnishing care, custody, education, training, or a period not exceeding sixty (60) days during which the parent or guardian is physically incapacitated or absent from the parent’s or guardian’s residence, any powers regarding support, custody, or property of the protected person, except the power to consent to the marriage or adoption of a protected person who is a minor.

A person who has such a power of attorney can exercise, for the period during which the power is effective, all other authority of the parent or guardian respecting the support, custody, or property of the protected person except any authority expressly excluded in the written instrument delegating the power.

A parent or guardian remains responsible for any act or omission of the person having the power of attorney with respect to the affairs, property, and person of the protected person as though the power of attorney had never been executed.

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