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Minnesota Statutory Short Form POA Law

Power of Attorney and Health Care – General – Minnesota

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The Minnesota statutory short form power of attorney was effective as of August 1, 1992 and must be reproduced exactly as set forth in the statute.

In Minnesota, powers of attorney are validly created pursuant to: (1) Common Law, (2) law of another state or country, or (3) law of Minnesota as it existed prior to the enactment of Chapter 523.23, if power of attorney executed before August 1, 1984, are also validly executed for purposes of Chapter 523.23.

The power of attorney is validly executed when dated and signed by the principal, and, in case of signature on behalf of principal, by another, or by mark, acknowledged before a notary public. The expiration date in the power of attorney must contain a specific month, day and year; otherwise it has no effect.

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