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Mississippi General Non-Durable Power of Attorney Law

Power of Attorney and Health Care – General – Mississippi

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Section 87-3-1: All letters of attorney intended to be used in this state may be acknowledged or proved as conveyances of land are required to be, and, when so acknowledged or proved, may be recorded in like manner; and copies thereof, duly certified, shall be admitted in evidence, without accounting for the nonproduction of the original.

Section 87-3-3: Conveyances of land, or contracts relating thereto, executed by an attorney in fact for his principal, and duly acknowledged or proved, shall have the same force and effect as if executed and acknowledged by the principal; and where a conveyance by an attorney is in execution of letters of attorney, so acknowledged or proved and recorded, it shall pass the interest of the principal though not formally executed in his name.

Section 87-3-5: When a person interested in the administration of an estate in any court in this state, shall appoint an attorney in fact, resident in the county where the court is held, to represent him therein, and shall cause the letter of appointment to be filed in the office of the clerk of the court in which the estate is administered, where it shall have the same effect as a demand for notice of an order or filing concerning the decedent’s estate, all process issued from the court touching the estate may be executed on such attorney, and, when so executed, shall have the same force and effect as if executed on the principal in person.

Section 87-3-7:

(1)  A letter of attorney to transact any business need only express plainly the authority conferred.

(2)  If any power of attorney or other writing

(a) authorizes an attorney-in-fact or other agent to do, execute or perform any act that the principal might or could do, or

(b) evidences the principal’s intent to give the attorney-in-fact or agent full power to handle the principal’s affairs or deal with the principal’s property,

the attorney-in-fact or agent shall have the power and authority to make gifts in any amount of any of the principal’s property to any individuals or to any organizations described in Sections 170(c) and 2522(a) of the Internal Revenue Code or corresponding future provisions of federal tax law, or both, in accordance with the principal’s personal history of making or joining in the making of lifetime gifts.

Section 87-3-15: The death of the principal shall not operate a revocation of an agency created by him, other than by writing, as to one who, without notice of such death, in good faith and under circumstances repelling the imputation to him of fraud or negligence, deals with such agent.

Section 87-3-17: Any writing revoking letters of attorney may, when acknowledged or proved as conveyances of land are required to be acknowledged or proved, be recorded in like manner, and with like effect from the time of being filed for record, in the office in which the letters revoked were recorded.

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