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Utah Revocation of Special Power of Attorney Law

Power of Attorney and Health Care – General – Utah

(1) A directive may be revoked at any time by the declarant if the declarant has signed it personally, or by the person or persons who signed a directive on behalf of a declarant, based on changed circumstances or conditions or   a  change of mind, and by:

(a) being obliterated, burned, torn, or otherwise destroyed or defaced in any manner indicating an intention to effect revocation;

(b) a written revocation of the directive signed and dated by the declarant or by a person signing on behalf of the declarant or acting at the direction of the declarant;

(c) oral expression of an intent to revoke the directive in the presence of a witness 18 years of age or older who signs and dates a written instrument confirming that the expression of intent was made.

(2) Any oral revocation not otherwise known to the attending physician becomes binding only upon receipt by the attending physician and other providers of medical service of a written revocation.

The attending physician shall record in the declarant’s medical record the time, date, and place when notice of a written revocation was received.

(3) There is no criminal or civil liability on the part of any person for failing to act upon a revocation made under this part unless that person has actual knowledge of the revocation.

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